The goal is simple. The process is not… that’s where we come in.

Entertainment Life Safety

We created the category. ELS is the big picture, looking at every aspect of safety from risk management to responding in an emergency. Our integration into the response team is a first in Canada, a model that is being extensively studied.

Event Security

Our core service, the security team is extensively trained and thoroughly qualified. They are a professional presence, maintaining public order while making the event enjoyable for all.


Capability is defined by education and experience. One without the other means little. Our four core managers are among the most qualified in the industry. In fact, Toursec is the only event security company in Canada with an EM grad, UK trained and ICS educator as a part of its leadership.


The measure of a security service isn’t simply when things are good, its far more important how they respond when things go bad. Review our program and you will see the most comprehensive in the region.

Head Office

13 G Myrtle St
Stratford, PE
C1B 1P4

Telephone 902.367.1277
Toll Free 800.999.2336