When we called CBMF a showcase of safety… we weren’t kidding. This year the festival was the focus of a contingent from the Incident Command System Canada group. These people ordinarily train the elite in major incident response and they came to our little Island to see how major festivals have become safe through the use of ICS. lots o people CBMF Saturday July 6, 2013 This is the fifth year for the Cavendish Beach Music Festival and in each of these years the emergency response components have run under ICS. ICS at Work Incident Command Systems team in action at CBMF   The Incident Command System is widely used across North America, most notably during Hurricane Katrina, 9/11 (partial) and Hurricane Sandy. Examples aren’t limited to the US, many major incidents in Canada have run under ICS. At the CBMF, ICS is not simply a preparative process, the entire platform is enacted and on the ground should an incident require it. This is unprecedented in Canada. Furthermore, not only do the usual first responders act within this system, private security is also key in that they are included as part of the organizational system. This too is unprecedented. Toursec Entertainment Life Safety has been allowed into this elite circle because of the expertise it brings to the table. Unlike the typical event security model that is primarily an unskilled workforce, Toursec has taken a different approach to where innovation has led to a number of firsts in the industry.

  • Adopting the ICS structure.
  • Staff being formally trained in ICS.
  • Managers being qualified at the intermediate (ICS 300) level.
  • Leadership with formal education in Emergency Management, qualified to ICS 400 and a nationally accredited ICS educator.

Outside of the ICS and EM structure, Toursec employs nationally accredited instructors in a variety of disciplines that are in keeping with the needs of major events and festivals.   The Showcase With members of various Emergency Management Organizations (from local to Nunavut), ICS representatives from across the country, Fire Chiefs, Police Commanders and leadership from Parks Canada, the CBMF became an educational showcase. ICS Group w Dan Site tour and briefing by Toursec.