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Whether you are looking for the lighter side of things or want to take on our training programs and work in specialized areas, we have a place for professionally minded people.

Working at Toursec gives you the opportunity to work with one of the most respected firms in the country.

Take a look at what we have done in the past and the responsibilities we have been given. The shows we were part of include some of the most notable in the country.

Compare the training we offer and you’ll see options that far exceed most everything else. The programs are not only great for those who want to work for us, but have proven to be a major benefit to entering the police profession. In fact, many of our courses are the same ones you will find in an academy setting.

Finally, look how we treat our people. We supply the gear you are going to need… all free. Some make you pay or rent, not us. Also, when you work our major festival shows we have a catering crew that sees fit you are fed and watered.

• Casual/ Part Time/ Full Time

• We Supply Uniforms (no $$)

• Big Shows- We Feed You!

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pictures-tentAccess Control

In this role, you control who enters the site. This can include screening patrons as they arrive at the show, confirming age of majority for liquor serving areas or handling the VIP zones. For this role we look for customer service minded people who are a positive energy as they are the first face of our shows.


As a dispatcher, you will work with a state of the art radio system alongside an assistant who logs all calls. This is ideal for people who can work in a fast pace environment. Dispatchers not only radio Toursec staff, but also police, fire and EHS services.

pictures-cbmfGeneral Security

A good starter role or one for people who want more of a customer service type of position, this can include perimeter control points, moats and other general duties. Again, this is a front line position so communication and providing information are often part of the job.


Working as part of the stage pit crew is one of our more specialized teams. You will receive classroom training on crowd control, response and dynamic training on a real mojo style pit barrier. The ideal person here is one who is detail minded to assess the safety of the crowd and physically capable of extracting patrons from within the crowd.

Special Response TeamSpecial Response Teams

The SRT is another first within event security. They are responsible for maintaining public order at the events. You will receive training in law, liquor act, eviction and arrest. You will also have access to DT training, the duplicate to that offered at our regions police academy. The ideal candidate for this role is one who can work within a high stress environment to diffuse situations and when required, respond in a fair and balanced manner.

pictures-surveillanceCrowd Analyst

Assessing crowd dynamic is an important function of safety at an event. This position comes in two tiers, steward and director. The crowd steward is trained in the various crowd behaviours, working in hand with our dispatch team. The director builds on the steward position adding the ability to control the SRT. These positions are few and involve participation in training on both crowd dynamic and response. (PSU/ Gold, Silver, Bronze)


Mobile Teams

Many of our events cover several square kilometers in size. As such, we use mobile teams to cover these expanses. This group can include bike patrols as well as motorized. The latter are golf cart or ATV based. These positions are typically SRT and medical delivery qualified members. Those on bike patrols will be issued specialized bike uniforms and all appropriate safety gear.

medicalMedical Response

At events in which Toursec is contracted for medical services, we supply first aiders, paramedics and physicians. These qualified roles will are announced well in advanced on our website.

Toursec also maintains medical response capability within our routine security roles. Regardless of whether chosen to provide this under contract to an event, we can deliver ALS/ BLS and all ranges of 1A services. When applying, let us know what level you are as it may involve specialized placement and equipment.

picturesbusClose Protection Details

Working in a CP detail is a highly specialized category of service. This program is a prerequisite based model with preference given to those with law enforcement or police qualification training. Candidates will also be required to attend our CP training program however; consideration may be given for equivalent academy based certifications. In the past, our teams have worked with sitting presidents, the prime minister, governor general and leaders in the entertainment industry.

blankerProduction Assistant

This is a great opportunity to get involved behind the scenes of our shows. PA’s can handle admin services for show start and conclusion, work as part of our hospitality crew or act as runners.


Typically a role handled by veterans of the company, we will also look at those coming in with outside supervisory experience. If you have the background and are prepared to learn how we work, we just may be the right fit for one another.

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