[October 2012]

We were called by ATV today to do a follow-up piece on guard stabbing that took place in Halifax. We’re still not sure if its rink staff or a company (reporter didn’t know either). We were able to see the video of the incident and it raises questions. Not sure why the guard/ rink worker left the safety of the arena and initiated the kick to the perpetrator, but it seems like it may have started the ball rolling.

Alyse Hand, a reporter with ATV had a great grasp of the industry, asking some well pointed questions. The biggest had to do with training due to a supposed complaint from the rink manger. Our response was pretty much the standard issue with the industry, most events are busloads of people with many hired only for the show. In short, little or no training. Whether that was the case here remains to be seen but the video suggests a few failures took place that night.

[Toursec representative was Dan Barry, who has been involved in the industry for 22 years, 18 of which included teaching. For more information on his bio, see LinkedIn.]


Follow Up:

The piece aired tonight and it turned out to be a private company.