Since posting that we will be doing another Tough Mudder event this spring, a lot of you have had questions. Rather than go crazy in email, we figured it all could be covered here.

Tough Mudder Toronto, Fall 2013

Tough Mudder Toronto, Fall 2013

General Event Info

  • Takes place April 27, 2014 (Sunday), in Las Vegas
  • 10-12 miles on foot plus 25 military style obstacles. (and yes, they add more distance)
  • They say it takes 3.5-4 hours to complete but we have seen it take as much as twice the time for some.


Is this open to anyone?

Yes, but there are obviously going to be conditions. The first of these is physical fitness. This is essentially a marathon for the crazy and as much as it may seem perhaps less strenuous, it is not for the faint of heart. Using the last Mudder in Toronto as the example, the track portion was up and down a ski-hill including their black diamond runs with an actual total of 24 kilometers. Obstacles then not only test strength, but are geared to overcome fears.

There will be some conditioning standards coming out in the future for people to strive for. They will include simple to measure metrics such as jogging distance/ time, chin ups and others.

Outside of the physical requirements, the individual must be able to attend, and by that we mean are able to be removed from the schedule at DFBG. That is up to the office. There is also going to be an informal vetting process using the original team members who are returning. The goal here is to make sure people are team oriented (as many things involve multiple people to complete) and generally compatible with one another. If anything can be said of the prior team, they worked perfectly as a unit and the whole thing was a great time.

Is it sponsored and are there costs?

Yes and yes. For Toronto we covered everything; flight, hotels, entry, vehicle, attractions and celebration party. While that was great, we did have two people bail and that came with costs. This time around we will be covering things differently.

  • Mudder Entry Fee: The person pays it up-front, Toursec will reimburse as they get on the plane.
  • Accommodations: Toursec covers all costs. (4.5 star, Vegas Strip)
  • Vehicles: Toursec covers all costs.
  • Under Armour Team Gear: Toursec covers all costs.
  • Attractions: Toursec covers the cost.
  • Celebration: Toursec covers the cost.
  • Airfare: Responsibility of the participant. (retails around 650$, deals can cut that down considerably)
  • Eats/ Drinks/ Physio: Your responsibility. (hopefully not for the last item)
  • $$ to Bring: This shouldn’t be crazy as the accommodations are a P level multi-bedroom condo with a full chefs kitchen. Most of the returning team has indicated they will be eating in most of the time.


What else do I need to know?

  • There is no application, just forward interest to the office and one of the team leads will follow up. If considered for intake, they will be your point of contact to review progress towards approval.
  • There is no real set team size. We can go with the returning members if no interest exists or ramp up as needed. There will be a ceiling number that will be figured out in time and that is based on a number of factors.
  • You have to be employed by a DFBG company. It does not matter which province.
  • You will need a passport. Don’t leave to the last minute as they can take some time.
  • Drinking age in Nevada is 21.

For more info, send the office an email and it will be forwarded to a team lead and we will do our best to answer all questions.