Training is the cornerstone of any security service.

We invite comparison.


Does training matter?

The best answer for this came at the Canadian Association Chiefs of Police conference (02/2013) on events:

“What will you say during the inquest?”

In event security, the cost of a company with expertise and training is often the same as one without. Be wary though, most say they do. Training to some can be OJT done in five minutes.

A trained security team doesn’t just look more professional, they can diffuse incidents before they become major and more so, they can be a part of an emergency response.

Our Programs & Instructors

The programs Toursec teaches are the very same you find in an academy setting.

The instructors are equally qualified, they have taught in academy’s, colleges and our own facility. They are highly respected in the training community.

We don’t just teach security officers, we teach police, corrections and border services officers.

Over a thousand officers have gone through our programs.

Anyone can print a certificate, its where that certificate is recognized and who signed it that matters.


Verbal TacticsVerbal Tactics

The first measure of any response is verbal. It is more than talking someone down, it is an analytical process used to diffuse a situation before it becomes worse. Toursec uses the international standard, Nonviolent Crises Intervention™ along with VCCRI™, the verbal continuum used in a corrections setting.





Physical TacticsPhysical Tactics

We have the most extensive tactics program, period. It is the program found in both our regions academy as well as the largest police force. The Human Factors Research Group certifications are in 70% of the academies in North America, more than all others combined. We offer four of these programs and will have six by fall. They presently include:

HFRG Defensive Tactics

HFRG Spontaneous Knife Defense

HFRG Ground Avoidance, Ground Escape


pictures-dividerStage Pit Crew

Working at the stage is more than being brawn to discourage patrons from jumping a barrier. Those working this area must constantly assess the crowd dynamic and know how to respond in a variety of situations. This training isn’t just theory, we use a proper Mojo™ style barrier in our own facility to teach the true dynamics the pit crew will face.





pictures-roomEmergency Management Training

In Canada, several incidents over the past few years have highlighted the need for EM training for event security. Toursec is the only event security company in Canada to train in the ICS spectrum. The Incident Command System is offered in Canada at four levels (100-400), with 100 being the model commonly taught to law enforcement agencies. At Toursec, we have many 200 the level, with our leadership team having 300 and 400.





SRTSpecial Response Team

When patrons become unruly or situations charged, there must be a response that is both effective and appropriate. The SRT program was initiated to deal escalated incidents in a professional manner. This training builds on verbal and physical tactics with concentration on law, liquor statute and force in an eviction setting.





pictures-pepperOleoresin Capsicum

Although a prohibited weapon, security teams face threats from OC (pepper spray) due to illegal importation and those who buy similar products (dog/ bear spray) at local sporting stores. Our training teaches response to OC from both a tactical and decontamination perspective.





Semi Automatic PistolSemi-Automatic Pistol

Another LE equivalent program, the law enforcement tactical pistol is designed for those looking to enter law enforcement. While this program has no immediate application to events, we offer this to our staff for other segments of service.




blanker2Critical Incident Stress Management

One need only look to media accounts to see that private security has not only faced serious attacks, but also intervenes in situations involving death. Recognizing this impact, Toursec has maintained a CISM team for response to such incidents, allowing us to be the only firm of our type with this with in-house delivery. We have expanded the program to now include peer counsellors who work in every Toursec location.




Our Facilities

Toursec maintains training facilities in both Halifax (NS) and Charlottetown (PEI).
We are equipped at an academy level, ahead of most college level training.

pictures-halifaxHalifax: 7 Mellor Avenue, City of Lakes Business Park, Dartmouth, NS







pictures-stratfordStratford: 28D Myrtle Street , Stratford Business Park, Stratford, PEI









Training Equivalency Considerations

We are routinely asked whether training/ certification in another setting would be considered for equivalency. We assess each certificate on its merit. Some points worth noting:

    • • A college based certification does not guaranty equivalency.

We accept certificates from the following facilities in Atlantic Canada

    • • Atlantic Police Academy
    • • Nova Scotia Career College
    • • Success College
    • • A Department of Justices qualified certificate does not guaranty equivalency.

The DOJ in Nova Scotia has few criteria in order to be DOJ qualified. We have found that some certifications accepted by their organization are not recognized elsewhere. Our benchmark is whether a certification is accepted by police or has broad acceptance.



Head Office

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